Megamax Entertainment Is The Worlds 1st Social Multimedia Entertainment Website!... provides people with free online entertainment like: live tv, movies, music, games, downloads, chatrooms, adult webcams videos and live tv, plus so much more! People use Megamax to escape their day to day routine and relax, being entertained for hours on end by a World full of Social Multimedia Entertainment, all in one place and all 100% free!
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What Is Megamax?
Megamax is the worlds 1st Ultimate Social Multimedia Entertainment Website! Known on the internet as the place to go when you what to Escape Your Reality... People use Megamax to escape their day to day routine and relax, being entertained for hours on end by a world full of social multimedia entertainment, all in one place and all 100% free!

Megamax was not designed for any one particular generation of person, but instead was designed to cater for ALL people and ALL generations from Children through to Teens and Adults, with a huge amount of entertainment such as: Latest Global News, Full Length Movies, Streaming and Downloadable mp3 Music, Children's Educational Games and Videos, Live Streaming TV channels, Arcade, Flash, and MMO Games, Quizzes and Brain Teasers, Webcam and Text Chatrooms for both the General Public and Adult Communities, even the latest developments in Space News, plus so much more!

How Much Will It Cost Me?
Megamax is 100% Free! with no hidden $cost or agendas. All that is required for you to gain FULL access to every part of our site is a free membership which only takes around 30 seconds to complete and confirm via your email. Megamax does offer premium memberships to certain applications and services, but in no way is this a requirement at any stage, to be able to continue to use these features for free.

Why Is It Free?
We at Megamax are not here to make colossal amounts of money, or to gain mighty amounts of members. We're simply intent on providing a fresh, clean and unique social multimedia entertainment website - for you, your friends and the world to enjoy. Not only do we want to provide this, we also aspire to keeping your social community clear and clean of spam, abusive behaviour, hatred etc. Things you might find elsewhere.

Our Moderating Team
We have a strict community team of moderators here at Megamax, who keep on top of cursing behaviour, bullying, racism, gender bashing etc, which other people find disturbing and offensive. Our moderating team is 100% committed to our highly valued members relaxed atmosphere, enjoyment and privacy, by providing a clean, fresh and safe social community, for Children, Teens as well as Adults to thoroughly enjoy.

Your Input
We hope you enjoy Megamax and help support our growing social entertainment network by becoming a member and spreading the word to your friends, family and even acquaintances. You can also support Megamax by liking us on facebook, following us on twitter or subscribing with us on YouTube.

Don't forget, Megamax is as much your site as it is ours, so if you have any site suggestions on how we can improve Megamax for you, or you just want to let us know how were going by providing feedback, please don't hesitate to click on the feedback link within the site to do so... We take ALL feedback and site suggestions under careful consideration, when making improvements to Megamax.
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Popular Multimedia Entertainment On Megamax

The following outline is for the most popular available entertainment on Megamax, but in no way is it ALL of the available content. There is a considerable amount more social multimedia entertainment available upon becoming a member of Megamax.

      CUSTOM PROFILE - Become personal with your Megamax profile. At Megamax your in control of your profile page! You have the ability to make it home to you by adding your personal touches to show the world your awesome and unique personality.      COMMUNITY - Become an active part of Megamax. By joining Megamax you can become an active member of our community gaining social friends from all over the world. Share photos, videos and emails with other like minded members.      PHOTOS - Create your own photo albums and upload unlimited photos to display your personality with the security of knowing your photos can never be shared or downloaded by anyone.

      VIDEOS - Make your own video library with YouTube. Add unlimited YouTube videos to your personal library with a simple search and click function or embed videos from all over the net with a simple copy and paste action.      KIDS - Keep the kids amused for hours. Full of learning tools and fun games to keep the kids amused for hours. Uchatkidz is an internationally registered kids safe site.      TEEN - Webcam chatrooms for teenagers. Megamax teen chat is a fun way to catch up with old friends, and make new friends from all over the world.

      QUIZZES - How cluey are you? Then try our quizzes. Feeling cluey, want to solve the riddle? Go to our quizzes and test your abilities against a multitude of mind racking, puzzle solving quizzes.      TEASERS - How smart are you? Test your brain. So you think your smart! Try our brain teasers and test your IQ. New brain teasers are loaded every day.      GAMES - Play over 100,000 games online. Megamax is host to over 100,000 free online games including, MMO games, flash games, classic games, arcade games, virtual worlds, multiplayer games, and the latest and greatest games ever released.

      MUSIC - Stream and download legal mp3 files. Megamax is partnered with Sony Music and mp3skull. We bring you the latest and best in all music genre, and 100% free and legal mp3 music file downloads.      MOVIES - Watch and download full length movies. Watch the latest and greatest full length movies online in fullscreen right from (no annoying hotlinks). You can even download the movie in HQ free!...      LIVE TV - Watch live streaming TV channels. Watch the latest and greatest television series, streaming movies, sports, comedy, cartoon, documentaries, all on live streaming TV 24/7.

      GLOBAL NEWS - Global News by ABC and Catch up with the latest Global News via live TV and news reports via tabloid that are updated and refreshed every five minutes.      SPACE NEWS - Space News by NASA and Red Orbit. Keep up to date with the latest news that's going on outside of this world, with live TV direct from NASA and the latest space news reports from Red Orbit, updated daily.      ADULTS - Be entertained by adults only content. Webcam chat with the hottest men and women online in hundreds of rooms. Watch unlimited full length adult videos in HQ and HD quality free! Plus so much more...

Recommended Guide For Settings & Plugins Needed At

Megamax is a modern website designed to be used on modern computers with the standard settings of today's technology. By modern we mean, if your computer is a pre-release computer to 2010, then it's technology and preferred settings are considered old when it comes to viewing and using

This is not to criticize you or your computer, however technology in this modern world moves at such a rapid pace, that as a developer of web design we have to always look to the present and future technologies, then design Megamax based upon the predicted outcomes of those technologies, thus keeping Megamax modern and up to date for years to come.

The following recommended guide is a reference for you to achieve the best result for viewing and using and most other modern up to date websites found on the internet today.

About Display Settings

1) Set your monitors display to 1360x768 pixels or 1366x768 pixels.

This can be permanently done by going into your computers start menu and selecting (Control Panel) and clicking on (Display Properties) then selecting (1360x768 pixels).

If you would like to fix this problem temporarily and have a mouse with a scroll wheel in the center, Simply hold down your keyboards (Control Key) and move your mouse wheel either back or forward to adjust the screen properties.

About Web Browsers

2) Use Mozilla Firefox OR Google Chrome web browser (Both are free)

Mozilla Firefox is by far the best browser to use on Megamax and in fact 99.9% of all websites. Mozilla sets the standard world wide when it comes to browsing internet sites the way there meant to be seen. Mozilla is the Web developers choice of browser and has a 5/5 Rating. If your wanting to view and use Megamax the way we have designed it, then Mozilla Firefox is the web browser you need to be using.

Google Chrome is probably the fastest web browser on the internet today. Using Google's superior search while you type technology, most times Google has found the page your looking for before you've even finished typing what you wanted. (This is a fantastic feature) Google Chrome also display's an amazing ability when it comes to streaming media like, movies and music videos and for the most part is just an all round great browser for the surfer.

However, in recent months Google have made changes to there web browser and now we find it will not display certain applications we use correctly. For us, this is very disturbing and very annoying. It is still an ongoing problem that we haven't found a solution for. Normally we would rate and recognize Google Chrome web browser highly, but with it displaying pages incorrectly, we can only rate it 3/5 and recommend it as a backup web browser for Megamax only.

Internet Explorer LOL. Ok well what do us web developers have to say about our old IE friend? Hmmm! - (Don't ever use it!) Unfortunately with most computers sold throughout the world, Internet Explorer Browser comes as a standard feature, however this does not mean it's any good to the user or the people designing websites. Internet Explorer otherwise known as IE is extremely slow, completely out of date and continually lagging behind current technology.

It is still the most common web browser used on the internet, but this is greatly due to the fact people are not informed or otherwise just to lazy to do anything about installing a new modern, fast, accurate and up to date web browser. Internet Explorer WILL NOT display Megamax correctly AT ALL. and as a developer - it is just way to much work for us to write new code for a site this big to make it work on (IE) Internet Explorer, our rating for Internet Explorer is 0/5 sorry IE lovers.

About Plugin Programs

3) Download the necessary plugins to make Megamax work.

Megamax is host to a lot of visual entertainment including videos, games, and chatrooms. In order to view ALL of these features, you must have installed and kept up to date on your computer the following programs.

Programs from
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Shockwave Player

Programs from

Programs from
Unity Game Player

Programs from
Microsoft Essentials

Programs from
Real Player

By using the above recommended settings, you will now be able to view ALL of Megamax correctly and the way we have designed it to be seen... PERFECTLY!

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" This is a top site! I don't know why there isn't more members? there should be. It's limitless to what you can do here, it's awesome! This site should be the best site on the net not facebook or myspace! Trust me join this site and then you'll understand, it's GREAT! "
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" This site would have to be the BEST kept secret ever! "
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" Since I joined this site I have completely fell in love with it! There is so much to do, I mostly play the games! They add more and more games to the site everyday. It's great for the younger generation to connect with their school friends. COME AND JOIN THE COMMUNITY! "
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" To sum it up it is a fun facebook... I have been reviewing sites for over 3 years and this one has the most potential i've seen in ages. 4 out of 5 Stars. "
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" This is an amazing website! I am glad I signed up, it is fun, interesting and the looks of this site looks awesome! Very Professional! :) Well done! "

" Heck yeah this is exactly what I needed ! "

" Bloody awesome site! Love the movies. Done a good job! Keep it going... "

" Hi Uchat! Just dropping by to say your site is the best ever! Have told many of my friends and they too are enjoying your site. With loads of games to play and movies to watch. What more can you ask for. So all you people out there, sign up now and enter the path of entertainment - you wont be disappointed. "
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" Just the best! everything in one spot what more could you want? "

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